Radcliffe Road

In 2008 what was a pair of ‘three-bedroom semis’ became a terrace of three. The development as a whole is a ‘Low Carbon’ sustainable development, involving ‘PASSIVHAUS’ solar design, in which the new house has been built to strict criteria of green building. It is designed with an overarching commitment to limiting carbon dioxide emissions. The existing house, No 39, has been redeveloped in the same way, with external wall insulation, recycled and double glazed windows, super-insulated loft, heat recovery ventilation, solar panels and underfloor heating. The scheme has sought to conserve and replenish the aesthetic of the original, no matter how minimal, as much as to address the demands of energy conservation and housing need in our own time. The project received a commendation at the RIBA South Conservation Awards 2008.

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