Bartlemas Cottage

In the historic Conservation Area of Bartlemas, Cowley, this stone built period house has been remodeled, extended and eco-renovated. In collaboration with Conservation Planning, the chilly 19th c. and 1970′s extensions were transformed into a stone-faced super-insulated rear wing. The interior use of space was remodeled and rationalised, the whole house was thoroughly insulated, with Heat Recovery Ventilation, solar thermal panels in the roof valley, underfloor heating, a rear glazed porch and a garden-room Sunspace. The use of materials that are in keeping but that do not masquerade as original, was considered vital to maintain the legibility of the historic fabric. Placed within those constraints, the contemporary nature of the additions need not detract, but rather give expression to the charm of the place.

BartlemasCottage_1 BartlemasCottage_2 BartlemasCottage_3 BartlemasCottage_4 BartlemasCottage_5