Dan y Graig

This listed building is a 19th c. remodelling of an older one with 17th c. origins. The project includes replacing an inappropriate flat roofed 1976 extension by adding a new bay with a hipped roof; Making staircase wider; remodelling the landing area using original curved doors. The landing will be a rectangular space as now, but into the three sides facing each other at the top of the stairs will be slightly domed curved alcoves with the curved doors set into them. With a natural lighting flowing softly from above, this space might quietly evoke the effect of designs with curves and light by the 18th c. master, Sir John Soane. The house is also being retrofitted with discreet insulation and more efficient heating. Addressing both Historic Style and energy efficiency, the challenge has thus been to conserve, in the widest sense, both the physical and the cultural environments.

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Dan y Graig_Proposed Dan y Graig_Existing