You can upgrade existing buildings as an end in itself to save money and energy; or it can be done as part of an extension, remodelling or improvement project when builders are already on site.

But what should you spend money on? How do you choose? There are the new technologies of solar panels, wind power, woodchip boilers, heat pumps, water saving systems; as well as insulation for walls, floors, roofs, doors and windows, energy saving methods of natural or powered ventilation.

Hess Kincaid Leach will assess your building and advise the best ways to save the most money most quickly.

We survey the building for its energy consumption and run an Energy Use Audit.

You may find this service from other sources, but as Environment Conscious Architects with first hand building experience we can:

  • Set out a programme with installation cost estimates and savings estimates to help you make the best choices
  • Advise which materials and systems to use
  • Guide your builder through the processes required to do the job well

Please note: This service is offered subject to certain conditions; further details are available on request.