Eco Renovation Principles

From our experience in sustainable design and energy auditing, some known factors are as follows:

Before finding new ways to generate energy, minimise what you use now. For example,

  • Low energy light bulbs are up to 80 % more efficient than traditional incandescent ones
  • New generation condensing boilers are around 95 % efficient


  • Around 35% heat loss is through the walls; around 25% through the Roof, around 15% the floor, around 20% windows and doors. Solid wall insulation can pay for itself in under ten years in some circumstances
  • It is not so well appreciated that (for example) changing windows to double glazed (If the frames are in good condition) doesn’t pay back the investment for 90 years!

Attention to detail is vital for a good result.

Not every builder understands or believes in insulation. Select a committed builder or installer.

By which we mean the building fabric: when the building is truly efficient, it can then further benefit you to install some active generating systems.

See the following SUSTAINABLE BUILDING DESIGN section for some of these technologies.