Sustainable Building Design 

As with eco renovation, so with sustainable building design: adding on active alternative technologies alone does not make a sustainable project! First comes informed design, sensible strategies, and keeping it simple with low tech features that minimise the need to generate energy.

We start with passive solar design, accessing free solar gain, natural light, passive ventilation, summer shading, as essential first steps.

The details are designed for good airtight construction, a comprehensive insulated envelope, natural passive ventilation or (powered) heat recovery ventilation.

Environment friendly materials are recommended for beauty, longevity, low embodied energy, cost and ease of maintenance.

After the fundamentals, active alternative technologies can make their contribution.

To summarise, these are our

  • Good orientation for heat, daylight, shelter and shading
  • Internal floor plans that favour bright warm inhabited rooms, over less energy-demanding service rooms
  • Comprehensive high insulation with thermal mass to even out temperature swings
  • Good ventilation and a healthy indoor atmosphere
  • Environment friendly materials
  • Efficient heating systems, heating controls and appropriate heat distribution (such as underfloor heating)
  • Affordable renewable technologies
  • Water conservation and recycling
  • And finally but most importantly JOYFUL PEOPLE-FRIENDLY ARCHITECTURE!