Our fees
There are various ways in which our fees are determined depending on the nature of the project, services required and budget. All fees are agreed with our clients prior to each work stage. The main options are:

  • A percentage of the expected construction cost of works. This percentage is generally on a sliding scale inversely proportional to the scale of the project.
  • A fixed fee. This is preferable where budget planning is crucial, but not always possible where the scope of the work is unpredictable.
  • An hourly rate. This is generally appropriate where the extent of our service is minimal or unpredictable.
  • A combination of the above may also be employed during the course of a full service eg. a fixed fee or hourly rate for a feasibility study, then a percentage fee for later stages when the construction costs can be estimated more accurately. Wherever possible we aim to give our clients a budget figure for our fees for the entire project, and those of other possible consultants (eg structural engineer) at the outset.