Design Approach, Philosophy, Shared Values
Architecture is both private and public. The simplest enclosure, a room, has its private inside realm, and beyond that an exterior that is on show to the world. We should create buildings and define spaces that respect and engage with all users, passers-by, and the wider environment. Architecture is also infinitely varied; each project is unique, responding to the local conditions. Buildings should last longer than fashion; a timeless and elegant design will outlast changes in fashion. And yet each new building later always shows its period; our designs should be of their time, and when we design for the conditions needs and merits of our own time, they will be.

At this time our overwhelming conditions and needs are environmental; our practice has a strong record of particular interest in this aspect; our long-standing environmental policy refers to it. This is not a fashionable issue, but a fundamental one. We never forget that every project is an environmental project; but being seen to have a concern for the saving of energy and the use of natural materials must not compromise aesthetics or the long lasting robust quality of our buildings. Sustainable buildings are the ones that last, that need less energy because of design, and that act as the immediate shelter, comfort and protection – i.e. environment – of their inhabitants.