Hess Kincaid Leach - Practice Structure 

The Practice was started by Christopher Hess in London in 1976 and moved to Wales in 1982 where Emmanuel Kincaid worked part time and joined in 1999. During this period the practice extended its work base to France operating from the Wales Office.
Paul Leach worked in association from 1988 and joined the Practice in 2004 when he opened the Oxford office.
In 2007 The French office was established and in 2009 Zoe Ramsden joined the practice.

Small is beautiful – E F Shumacher, but it can be bloody lonely too – Anon.

The practice has created a solution for a small practice to benefit from the shared working experience with fellow Architects.
The practice works on the basis of sharing ideas and facilities to provide a comprehensive service attributable to a medium sized practice.
The facility for sharing workload reduces the hazards of peak work overload with the opportunity to benefit from individual member abilities & expertise.
Information and data is readily accessed between offices with computer remote access facility.